Friday, May 6, 2011

Education and its uselessness ..

Incident one :
Last Sunday, the AIEEE exam took place. It has been taking place for the last nine years or so. However this time there was a glitch. The exam paper got leaked. As a result, the authorities had to take some drastic measures, cancel that version of the exam paper, postpone the exam by 4-5 hours.
Now what shall thou do, ask some "so-called educated" parents (at one of the prominent 'global' schools in Hyderabad)? What can we do to vent out our frustrations, spend this time more efficiently. They beat up the security guard who was doing his duty by just not allowing students in the exam hall...

Incident two :
Observed recently at my "highly-esteemed" company! At the cafeteria, you gets idlis and vadas at one counter.  You can get either two vadas or two idlis and one vada for Rs 15 (vadas being rated costlier than idlis). An employee who didn't know this logic, asked for three vadas. The person serving at the counter politely explained the rules to him. There is no excuse for the rudeness shown by the employee to a man simply doing his job. And surely this employee is "highly educated".

No doubt, these are everyday things which are visible in all walks of life. No doubt, education is highly useful. After all, it helps to stamp down on others who haven't been so fortunate and  then gloat in pleasure.