Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ghonchu eats Vegetarian food

Ghonchu stepped into the city of Hungryland with a look of awe. The cities of Europe were beautiful and Hungryland was no exception. He was impressed. However although Ghonchu was impressed, his stomach wasn’t. He hadn’t had much to eat since he had stepped onto his flight from India to Hungryland a few hours ago. His stomach which had rumbled politely earlier now voiced its displeasure more powerfully. Though it is the season of fasting in India, Ghonchu’s fasting ability extended to fasting from dinner to breakfast the next day.
Ghonchu decided to look for food options. He could see multiple options nearby. He discarded some of them after concluding they would be too expensive. He chose to go to a dingy little place which sold burgers and sandwiches.
Ghonchu walked to the shop and asked the shopkeeper, “Do you have anything VEGETARIAN?”
“Vegetarian!! Anything without meat.”
“Aye, aye! Of course”, she replied happily having understood what Ghonchu wanted.
She took out two sandwiches (both looked similar) and told Ghonchu, “Theeese twoo sandwiches are vegetarian.”
Ghonchu happily paid for one of the sandwiches and just confirmed before unwrapping it, “No meat eh?”
She replied airily, “No. No. No meeet at all. Only feesh.
Ghonchu mentally puked and kept back the sandwich.
The shopkeeper then pointed to the other sandwich and said, “Thees one has no feesh, no meeet. Only vegetables.”
Ghonchu took the other one and quietly walked away. It tasted okay.
PS: Ghonchu still doesn’t know whether what he ate was vegetarian or was the shopkeeper trying to avoid returning money to him, but he is happy with the fact that he ate whatever he bought thinking it was vegetarian.