Monday, August 25, 2014

Birds at Microsoft Campus - Part 2

Read part 1 here.

Last week a flock of Painted Storks were kind enough to grace our campus. They camped on the big boulders near the ISB fence easily visible in large numbers from Building 3.

There are also still around the rocks near Boulder Hills and probably many more are camped inside ISB which has a larger tree cover.

Painted Storks, though have been spotted in Hyderabad are not really natives of this place. Most likely, these birds are on their way to a more habitable place (like Guntur) and may have stopped over temporarily on spotting the inviting greenery.

[Click on any pic to view enlarged, as a slide show]

About to fly whilst the others watch

A full family of more than 10 or so Painted Storks

A stray peacock feather spotted enroute trying to get close to the Storks

Nataraj pose

What is it that there are observing with such attentiveness!

Scratching its neck

The entire flock took off in unison circling the Microsoft Campus and eventually settling someplace else

Amidst all the effort of capturing those birds; got an opportunity to watch rainfall and dense clouds over a distant building.
This is through the glass windows of the building.

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  1. Wonderful pictures, saw it before starting work...I am sure will have a good day :)

  2. all the pics have very pleasant touch.. :) shot well done.. :)

  3. Lucky to get these!! awesome clicks :)