Thursday, October 17, 2013

Birds at Ameenpur Lake, Hyderabad

Ameenpur Lake is a quiet little lake behind Miyapur on the way to Bachupalli and is on the backside of a heavy industrial area. Going past that area, one wonders how did this lake stay intact?

Still on reaching the reasonably sized lake, one can see the huge number of birds that elect to stay there and make for a surprisingly pleasant viewing. The birds seem to co-exist with the surrounding industrial areas and seem comfortable in the lake area which seems to be rich with insects and fish etc keeping the birds happy.

We saw a good numbers of egrets, herons, bee-eaters, cormorants, kingfishers, river terns etc at the lake.

Here are some of the captures below.

View enlarged photos by clicking on them.
The Great Egret, what a neck!

A beautiful honeybee
The Small Pratincole? (not clear enough)

A River Tern. There were plenty of these around the lake

Brahminy Kite? Notice its prey at his feet
Devouring its prey
Indian Bushlark is it?

2 Cormorants, 1 little Egret
Cormorants (in unison) to Egret: You might have a larger beak, but there are two of us!

Cormorants Leonardo De Caprio and Kate Winslet
Leaonardo teaching Kate to spread her wings amidst the water expanse

Pond Heron

Pond Heron: I 've a bigger rock
Grey Heron: Erm, does that make you taller than me?

Bunch of Cormorants

Common Sandpiper?

Flock of birds

Pair of cuddly looking Green Bee Eaters.
Ok, not that cuddly if you look at their beaks.

Green Bee Eater on a green branch

Pied Kingfisher (where are the eyes?)

Grey Heron (amongst bunch of cormorants, not in focus)

Identification please?
Ashy-crowned Sparrow Lark (male)
Many of these (and the female) flew around us.
They seem to prefer staying on the ground, digging holes
Ashy-crowned Sparrow Lark (female)
She seems a little sad?

Trouble in the family?
Two Pied Kingfishers not talking to each other!


  1. Looks like this is your new hobby. Nice pics again!! :)

    FYI: "Flock of birds" are most probably Swallows (Barn Swallows maybe). I have rarely seen Swallows sitting (they are flying most of the time). Lucky you!

    1. Thanks Urvang, this is indeed my new hobby :).
      Can you also help with the fourth last pic?

    2. Sahi hai.. u r surely inspiring me to do more birdwatching :)

      The fourth-last pic: umm, not sure, but looks like a White Wagtail.

  2. bushlark also looks like sparrow to me...but then I'm not even close to an expert on these.

    1. Hmm, even I am not sure about that one. It looked 2/3 different birds but this seemed closest.

  3. Nahh, not a Brahminy Kite. Are you sure it's a kite? Waise saw a large no of those at Gokarna of all places!

    And just can't identify the black & white one. The long tail just doesn't fit :(

    Great pics! This place seems like a treasure :)

    1. Hmm, what then, if not a kite?

    2. I don't know. I find it really tough to differentiate between kites and eagles, unless I see them flying...

      I might have to take my words back though. Was looking up immature Brahminy kites, this looks very similar. But the guide today told us that he hasn't spotted a Brahminy at Sultanpur this year.. Dunno!

    3. Ok. My bad. Mixed up this post with the one on Sultanpur.. Looks more like a Brahminy after all! :)

  4. Btw, a good resource to reseacrh on birds of particluar regions.. This link is for Basai. Easily searchable...

  5. Is December a good time to visit Ameenpur lake ??