Sunday, June 19, 2011

Living your dream..

What does the above heading really mean?

We crave so often for something from the bottom of our heart. Night and day, one might have had vision, that desire. It could be a moment or a period of time what one craves for.

And one day that dream materializes! It might have happened unexpectedly or might have been achieved through a lot of hard work. Do we even realize that it has materialized.

Does it really taste sweet then. Do we really appreciate it when we get it. Do we realize we 're now actually living our dream - this was something one longed for all this while. Do we maybe just sit back and enjoy whilst it lasts or do we've a tendency to start worrying about what next.

Maybe we realize and understand better when the end of that dream is nigh. And how do we react when we realize that that dream is close to coming to an end. We sit up and begin to appreciate what we had. As we look back, we see that it was a beautiful time; a wonderful dream that is now coming to an end. We remember those times when we craved for that dream; and the sheer delight that filled one's heart when that dream materialized.

What else does one feel when the walls begin to close in, the dream begins to fade. Feel satisfied at having lived one's dream! Or remember those earlier times with a sense of pathos! Or be pragmatic and just forget about it! Or develop new dreams and look forward to them! Or write such rambling articles!