Monday, February 16, 2009

The beginning


This is my first baby-step into the world of blogging. Embarrassed by my fellow Voiceians (Voices : a students group in IISc that I m a member of) and other people who seem to be at home in this world of blogging, I decided, in a (regrettable?) burst of enthusiasm, that I will join this world. No more, will I feel jealous of comments like "I read your latest post" !! It seems every aspiring writer worth his/her salt has a blog with a big following...

Well, in my opinion, there are three kinds of blogs. One - highly humorous and fictional, which garners the largest following. This blog by Rupesh is my favourite. Two - Entirely personal with inner thoughts and ambitions. Three - General thoughts which can be shared by everyone. These are some samples of blogs of type three by other Voiceians. Madhurima, Mukta, Maneesh.

Problem with type one is that I doubt that I have such a sense of humour. Problem with type two is I have rarely expressed my true feelings and so on to anyone, let alone publish them in a blog. So I have to fall back to type three. Of course all this is based on the assumption that my enthusiasm doesn't wane away after a couple of posts as seems to be the case with a lot of blogs. To be frank I almost gave up at the first step itself, finding a URL for my blog :-| , which proved to be rather tedious.

Well now that I have found an URL, let the journey begin :-).



  1. Welcome onboard!!!:) have a blast!!

  2. All the very best... 'Accidentally' came across your blog from the 'lead' from your GMail ID comment ;)
    Once in a while, try to give publicity to the Fourth kind of blogs like ours too -- The technical (or, 'Arty') ones...

  3. @Madhurima : thanks

    @Anaska : thanks n sorry ...
    Yours is another kind of blog...technical one as u say...
    Probably if I think about it, there might be blogs of lot more types.

  4. Congratulations on successful completion of one year.

  5. thanks.. you kept a track :o
    Even I realize this after reading your comment.

  6. Congratulations on successful completion of two years.

  7. Congratulations on successful completion of three years.

  8. Congratulations on successful completion of four years.