Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Five day road trip into Western Ghats from Pune - day 2

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Day 2: Mahabaleshwar to Satara, Kaas Plateau, Thoseghar waterfalls and back to Satara
Distance: 147 kms

We left Mahabaleshwar early on Thursday, and met our other fellow travellers at Satara. With a full house of six people, all luggage moved upwards with a covering tarpaulin to protect the bags during rain.

Continuing our journey, we stepped forth towards Kaas Plateau. Kaas Plateau is renowned to be the Valley of Flowers for Maharashtra where one can beautiful colourful flowers blooming from the second week of September.

We were two weeks early in our visit, however we still saw a few buds and flowers which left a taste on what it might be cometh full bloom.
Greenery at Kaas Plateau!

What we did see however was absolutely green grasslands on a hill with a stunning view of Kaas Lake. We proceeded on towards Kaas Lake, a pleasantly vast expanse of water amidst the clouds.
Kaas Lake

There is a large waterfall (Vajrai waterfalls) near Kaas lake that we missed seeing due to lack of awareness for the same.

On our way further, we made a brief pitstop at Sajjangad fort, choosing to climb for half an hour to the fort top from where we got a splendid view of the mountains.

More greenery! Almost looks painted

View from Sajjangad Fort. The fort was not much to speak of; but the view is excellent

From Sajjangad Fort

Thereafter, we continued our journey on to Thoseghar falls (going back towards Satara for the same); and reached the same by evening. Near the falls, we got lost while trying to find the same but eventually reached there by around 4pm.

Thoseghar has a small complex indicating different directions for different falls. The waterfall sighting happens across a mountain where the falls are seen and heard roaring down the cliff. The deep gorge in between us and the falls makes for an unreal landscape. There were multiple waterfalls at the same place, couple of them tiered (and falling in stages); while one was a free fall (plunge) from maybe more than 100 feet and making a stunning amount of noise.
Thoseghar Waterfalls
This pic does an injustice to the thudding water from 150 meters or more; and the deep gorge in front of us
which is not well captured.
  After drinking in the falls with our eyes (from the distance of the opposing mountain) we finally reluctantly moved on before it got dark. We also had our first encounter with leeches as one of them happily camped on my neck, but I was fortunate enough to feel it before it had done too much damage.

Given the delay, we were no longer in a position to go on towards Chiplun, and chose to go back to Satara to stay for the night.

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Map for day 2

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